The A3Z Advanced facilities are built in the BIC Bizkaia building, which is specifically aimed at promoters and start-ups and is operating since October 2014.

The building has 6000 m2 on two floors. The ground floor has 13 individual modules, and workshops with the necessary equipment for activities of advanced manufacturing and clean technologies.

The first floor has another 18 individual laboratories, devoted to bio-, micro- and nanotechnology projects, equipped with sockets for gases, shelves and other laboratory furniture, as well as offices and warehouse spaces. The first floor has common areas equipped with infrastructure for bio-nano-micro practices: cold storage rooms, clean cell culture rooms equipped with biosafety cabinets, incubators and microscopes, waste storage areas, -80 ºC, cell storage in liquid nitrogen, a dark room for microscopy and photography, gas extraction hoods for safe handling of organic volatile solvents, autoclaves, precision electronic balances, quantitative PCR thermal cyclers, etc…